Celebrating Sarah

Every once in a while we are lucky enough to meet someone who will change our lives for the better and bring us much love and happiness. About six years ago, I met my friend Sarah. Sarah is one of those rare people who is beautiful inside and out and who has forever changed my life.

Late this summer Sarah is getting married!!! Therefore, a celebration was in order. It was time to start planning. When organizing Sarah’s shower we wanted to tailor the event to the bride-to-be and to make sure that we included many of the things that bring her happiness.  Sarah enjoys being outside, loves the color yellow, has a weak spot for wine and enjoys visiting the city of Saratoga, especially in the summer months. In fact, Saratoga is where Sarah and her fiancé officially met.

A shower was planned for Saturday, July 16th at Mallozzi’s in Schenectady. Keeping in mind Sarah’s love of the sun and being outside, we chose to take advantage of Mallozzi’s new terrace. The terrace allowed us to plan a shower outdoors, while being completely covered in the event of an extremely hot or extremely rainy July day.


We chose to go with a sunflower theme, as sunflowers mimic the sun and of course are yellow. When designing her invitations, I used a simple sunflower design paired with brown. For the centerpieces, we filled large brown ceramic vases with beautiful New Jersey Sunflowers. Each guest received a Sparkling Saratoga water in reference of where Sarah and Jeff met. In addition to the water each guest took home a hand painted red wine glass.  I hand painted the wine glasses to look like Sunflowers and I have to say that they looked great on the tables with our sunflower centerpieces and the bright blue glass water bottles.  A small brown paper bag was also given to each guest as a convenient means of bringing home their wine glass and water. When planning Sarah’s shower, I learned that Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness, warmth and loyalty. We attached a tag to each bag that read:

“For centuries, Sunflowers have been known as a symbol of happiness, warmth, and loyalty.

Please accept this hand-painted Sunflower glass as a token of thanks, for celebrating with us today.

We hope that you will think of Sarah & Jeff every time you use it, and be reminded of the happiness, warmth and loyalty that they share with each other, as well as with each of us.”



To keep with the sunflower theme, for dessert, we chose to have  cupcakes and of course decorated them to look like sunflowers. We baked and decorated almost 100 cupcakes.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and it was so nice to see Sarah with a permanent smile on her face, spending time with her family and friends. I was very pleased with how the shower turned out! The Sunflower theme and décor came together beautifully and was perfect for celebrating such a beautiful person.

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One Response to Celebrating Sarah

  1. Sarah Maddalena says:


    Your write up is so touching. Thank you, so much, for making my shower so special. It could not have been more perfect. You are one of the most beautiful people I know.. and I could not be more lucky to have you in my life. Your talents truly seem endless… and those who choose to work with you will instantly be smitten as well.

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