The Wedding Celebration of Sarah & Jeff

I cannot believe that a month had gone by and I had yet to post about the wedding of Sarah and Jeff.

Let me begin by telling you a little about the bride and groom. Sarah and Jeff are two of the most beautiful people that I have come to know. Genuine and loyal to each other and both their families and friends, their wedding was one that everyone anxiously awaited. From the tale of how they met to the many parallels in their life everyone knew that Sarah and Jeff were meant to be.







At last, the big day was here. Sarah and Jeff choose September 3, 2011 as the day that they would become one. The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake provided a beautiful location for both their reception and lake-side ceremony. I believe that The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake will be the new “hot spot” for weddings in the years to come. Between their beautiful rustic-meets-modern décor and picture perfect location, this place is hard to beat.

Preparation for Sarah and Jeff’s wedding began with their invitation. When designing their invitation, Sarah has only two requests. 1. To include the color of yellow and brown and 2. To have a flower of some sort. I went with a traditional, yet whimsical feel and came up with the following. I like to combine different textures and dimensions for a unique appearance.

Invitations often times set the tone for the party or occasion. So with keeping of the theme of yellow, brown and whimsical, I set forth to design their place cards and programs. For the place cards I used a smaller flower in the same color as their invitations. The flower on the place cards was 3-dimensional and included a textured center, like that of the invitations.


For the programs, I used the same flower and color scheme, but this time also included a little bit of blue. Sarah’s junior bridesmaids and flower girls wore blue, and Jeff’s groomsmen had blue accents in their ties.  I choose to have Sarah and Jeff’s names printed in blue as a way of highlighting their names while accenting the blue in their bridal party.

After a beautifuland emotional ceremony, Sarah and Jeff celebrated with their family and friends for the first time as husband and wife with an outside cocktail hour. The spread of food was amazing and tasted just as good. Displayed during the cocktail hour was a Fingerprint Guest Tree for their guests to “Leaf” their names for the bride and groom.

I thank Sarah and Jeff for allowing me to artistically be involved in their special day. Their wedding celebration ended up being amazing by all accounts, a day that they both deserved.

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