Paper Bouquets & Flowers

Paper Flowers are quickly becoming a popular trend in both weddings and home decor. Featured in VOGUE magazine and used by designer Ana Meier, paper flowers are quickly replacing fresh flowers for their durability, beauty and uniqueness. Many brides are choosing paper flowers for their wedding bouquet, and have plans to pass them down from generation to generation. In the past, brides have saved their dress with the thought that future generations would choose to wear it when their own big day comes around. However, with ever-changing styles and body types differing from generation to generation, wearing a previously worn dress may not always be an option. A paper flower bouquet is classic and timeless, fitting both the “modern” brides taste and body.

Paper flowers can also be used in singular form for boutonnieres, escort cards, place cards, napkin rings and hair pieces. Flower color, style, size and embellishments are all customizable for the individual. Each flower is hand-made and one of a kind making each bouquet an original work of art.



2 Responses to Paper Bouquets & Flowers

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  2. Nooria says:

    Thats so pretty!

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